Season 2, Episode 9

Five people, ages 59-82, explain their challenges and how they achieved happiness. Peter Siderius, age 59, a successful self-made multi-millionaire, retired at 35, found he “needed” to work to be happy. Betty Jean Bailey, age 82, a lady drummer, devoted her life to helping her family, became a nurse by profession, has just joined the ranks of the “happily retired” and is back playing the drums. Richard Broadie, age 70, a Big Band musician, developed cancer and decided to devote the rest of his life to his family, and volunteering; he formed his own “Big-Band” of musicians at a center for “seniors”. Mel, age 77, and Sylvia, age 74, Cheatham offer surgical care to the poverty-stricken in war-torn countries and are working hard to “give their lives away.”