About the Series

> Read about the creators of the Series - Carolyn and James Ausman

"The Leading Gen - What will you do with the rest of your life"® is a national and international multiple-award winning television series! (The series is also the ultimate reality show.)

The series is based on five years of research about the challenges people 40-100 face now and in the future. Each program features real people who share their life experiences and discuss how they met their challenges.

Over 200 people were interviewed to bring you this compelling series. This series includes people of a variety of ages, geographic areas, ethnicity, and socio-economic backgrounds.  Topics of these candid interviews include the following:

  • Balancing physical, mental and emotional challenges.
  • Money management, retirement, finding a job, volunteering
  • Dealing with the loss of loved ones, loneliness and coping with stress
  • Healthcare, housing, adoption, and raising grandchildren
  • Finding new friendships and activities, and
  • Planning for the future

The show is hosted by Carolyn Ausman, age 72, and Gino LaMont, age 49. The first season was produced in cooperation with KVCR-TV and The Waymaster Corporation, while the second season is presented by KET (the largest PBS station in the nation), and produced by The Waymaster Corporation.

What are people saying about the show? 

Below are some of the comments we have received:

"I have been retired for three days and the thought of having nothing to do that is stimulating is very frightening"

"Offer suggestions on how people can find their next career and about financial planning"

"...important for people to realize that they need to keep busy"

"Very Interesting"

"Is it possible to look into the need for nursing homes, care facilities for the high percentage of older adults?"

"excellent website - sign me up for future mailings !!"

"I don't feel like I am vegetating; I am really busy..."

"Some of us are financially secure but still need additional motivation to be connected to something challenging."

"...I will be looking forward to the future episodes. The first installment was particularly poignant for me because I was a pilot with XXX airlines for 29 years. In September, 2005 I had to take an early retirement in anticipation of the [company's bankruptcy] in order to save a 50% lump sum provision of my pension [which was subsequently terminated by a bankruptcy judge anyway] so I was left with, effectively, no retirement income or benefits. I am now 60 and am trying to start a new career as a corporate/charter pilot and my wife, who has just graduated from nursing school has started her own career as a nurse! This is not quite what either one of us had envisioned for our 'Golden Years'."

"Excellent...for anyone approaching retirement"

"Thought Provoking"

"I saw your 1/2 hr. program on Channel 10 Milwaukee. Will there be more programs? Do you have a tape or DVD of the series I can buy?"

"Just stumbled on your program on KTSC-TV and loved it! It was very encouraging. I'm an "early boomer" (1946) and sometimes wonder what the next 40-50 years will bring. Shows such as yours help me remember that I should go ahead and take intelligent chances. Thank you! I look forward to seeing more of your series."