Meet "Honey"

Honey's favorite trick: Hold the empty plate very steady, go to the window, and show all the neighbors that her people don't feed her (enough)!

Honey, as a puppy, with Pauline's t-shirt.

Many of our viewers have asked about “HONEY,” our Labrador Retriever mascot; we hope you enjoy seeing some pictures of her, and learning more about her!

Honey was born eleven years ago in Ontario, California. When Jim and Carolyn were introduced to her, she was eight weeks old, and in a special pen babysitting another lab puppy who was about six weeks old.

Of course, they fell in love with her immediately -- who wouldn’t?!? Thanks to Pauline Holt and her husband (Honey’s breeders), they had an opportunity to meet Honey’s mother and father, who were both even-tempered, as well as beautiful!

Pauline permitted them to purchase Honey, and she sat on Carolyn's lap (with Pauline’s green t-shirt, for comfort) while Jim drove back to their home in Rancho Mirage.

Honey cried during the night for a little while because she missed her litter-mates and family, but unbeknownst to them until much later, Susan (Jim and Carolyn's daughter) held her during the nights to keep her from waking them. Susan later told Carolyn that it was her way of thanking them for the times they helped her with her dogs -- she had her very own puppy when she was about three years old.

Honey was and is the most delightful girl! She was a wonderful puppy and, although she was a gift to Carolyn from Jim, she quickly decided that he was her “person,” and bonded with him immediately! She is, however, a sweet and loving companion for Susan and Carolyn as well! Honey is also a marvelous watch dog!

As you might guess from her pictures, Honey loves to eat -- just about anything, and often moans (rather like, “Oh poor me!”) under the table while the family is having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because she really wants some of whatever is being served. Of course, she always gets her way!!!!

Honey (and Carolyn!) have been obedience trained by Certified Master Dog Trainer, Rick Klassen of Black Forest K-9. Thanks to Rick, Honey is a Certified Service Dog (and Comfort Dog), travels almost everywhere with Jim and Carolyn, and helps as many people as she can.

Honey has two favorite toys – one is “Baby,” a plush Teddy Bear that looks just like her, and “Puppy,” a rust-colored plush toy from Susan. She carries one or the other around with her daily. Honey enriches the lives of everyone she meets! We hope that you enjoy these pictures of her!